Alex Tremblay Bass Music - Lessons


lessons are offered on upright bass, electric bass, and jazz theory. available either in person or via skype.

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A quick note about how private lessons have impacted Alex's playing, aND HOW THEY CAN HELP DO THE SAME FOR YOU:

“I firmly believe the right teacher enables a student to develop at a faster pace. Through one-on-one private lessons, a teacher is able to help the student understand and work through the mental and physical obstacles that may be hindering their performance or progress.

Through this instructor/student relationship, a connection is developed, enabling the instructor to cater to the student's individual needs. Personal lesson plans are developed by the teacher that pinpoint the student's weakest areas, and feedback in real time ensures the student consistently improves.

In my experience, the greatest teachers I've had are the ones that have given direction and developed focus, so I know exactly what needs to be worked on and improved to help me progress to the next level. And this is how I work with all of my students.”

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